July 21, 2016

Wine Tasting

wines of chile

WHERE: Club Marinole Swim Club

WHEN: Saturday, July 30th @ 8:30pm

$15 donation welcome per person. Your donation will help cover the cost of the event.

Come join us for a night of elegance at the pool while enjoying some of the best wines from Chile. Below is the wine list that will be provided.

We are only allowing entry of 40 members/guests of members, so be sure to reserve your spot asap. 

Donations can be made here online or at concessions. If you make your contribution at concessions, please be sure to leave your name.
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As you enter the Wine Tasting, there will be a guest list of those that have reserved their spot for you to be able to enter.

Please note: NO entry anyone under the age of 21.



Cachil Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva

Yapa Carménère

Big Cirrus Single Vineyard Estate Syrah

Qapay Sauvignon Blanc

Big Cirrus Chardonnay

Cachil Sauvignon Blanc Reserva